It’s quite often I hear the phrase: “Are cowl neck sweaters in style this year?” in the last two months. So today I’ve decided to answer this question: “Yes, they are in style and what is more important, they are timelessly trendy.” It’s a statement and cozy piece, which is ideal for long walks and comfy wear indoors by the fireplace. The following compilation consists of great styles to try on this year.

I love autumn and winter time for the chance to wear cozy cowl neck sweaters in the streets. It’s an essential piece for any wardrobe look. The cowl neck adds a fun detail to this knitwear. Indeed, the flowy neckline looks comfy and sweet. As you can see there is a wide variety of colors, lengths and silhouettes.

You can pair it either with jeans, leggings or casual chinos for a relaxed look. Or it can be styled with tweed or grey wool trousers/ skirts and dressy accessories for an office wear. All in all, the cowl necks are great additions to any ensemble.