If you are in search of an awesome Asian women’s hairstyles for this year, then I recommend you to look through this amazing compilation of cool ideas, starting from messy braided styles, ponytails, super straight, long versions with bangs, cool bouffants, retro, modern bobs and many other cool options. Of course, every country has its own common grooming and fashion with all those specific and special features, that’s why I want to share with you my personal favorites that are worn by the great majority of women. Look at this hairstyles, they look exotic and very beautiful.

Asian girls love experiment with their looks, by trying various lengths, colors and shapes. Most of styles look fashion forward, while others look easy and simple and do not need much of maintenance. Hope you like this compilation of elegant and in-vogue style ideas.

Long Hairstyles

Long hair styles are great for showing off your femininity and to try daily different styles. You can try the messy crown braids, ideal for making a statement look. Or keep it sweet and elegant by wearing lush long hair with straight bangs. It’s up to you! So for these styles and wear them with your casual separates.

If you don’t have time for styling, then go for a natural messiness. The naturally straight hair with mid parting is perfect for offices and special occasions. Or you can always try the slicked back ponytail, which looks impressive and elegant.

Voguish Short Asian Bob Hairstyle

Asian girls adore short bob hair styles, especially from China, Japan and Korea. Well, I tell you this haircut suits most of Asian women, as it looks playful and hot. I hope you adore this style. This hairstyle is best for back to school style.

You can find really versatile short haircut options that can be cute, edgy, modern and even classy. It’s a freedom of choice, so be ready to see some of the best ideas to make an unforgettable look.

short haircuts for women

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