Women’s Working Wardrobe Ideas For This 2015 Year

If you want yourself a nice working wardrobe then I advice you to discover these great ideas for this 2015 year. We see fabulous looks from simple classic ones to chic and sophisticated business outfits. I highly recommend you to think over your 5 outfits (from Monday all throughout Friday) before starting your working week. It might sound quite hard for a start, but you will get used to it in the nearest future. Where are the pluses you might ask? It helps you to weak up without worries of thinking over your office look and running late for work. In toher words, you will wake up with a smile on your face, as you will know what to wear today. I tried to look for creative Polyvore ideas for you. Here we see fabulous outfit ideas for your great working days.

Women's Working Wardrobe Ideas 2015 (1)

How about mannish touch? Here we see tailored slim-fit pants in black color, classic shirt with cuffed sleeves, brown leather suitcase and retro inspired brogues. Looks comfy but too much casual to me.

Women's Working Wardrobe Ideas 2015 (2)

You can always combine black with red color. Try on lace black pencil skirt, spaghetti strap black tank top, slim fit red blazer, red classic shape handbag and lace, peep toe pumps.

Women's Working Wardrobe Ideas 2015 (3)

Keep it modern and try on oversized, loose-fit black shift which can be paired with flat strappy sandals, brown tote bag and tortoise rounded plastic eyeglasses.

Women's Working Wardrobe Ideas 2015 (4)

How about casual business look, which includes slim fit jeans, sleeveless black smart/feminine t-shirt, cream beige blazer, doctor shaped bag and leopard print accessories, including silken scarf, pumps, iPhone case and sunglasses.

Women's Working Wardrobe Ideas 2015 (5)

That's a bright, sophisticated look, which is easy to style and wear. It consists of a belted black blazer, floral-striped bodycon dress and rich blue accessories, including pointed toe pumps and clutch bag.

Women's Working Wardrobe Ideas 2015 (6)

Keep it simple, monochrome and try on white sleeveless top with turtleneck black collar and pencil skirt which can be paired with pointed toe black pumps.

Women's Working Wardrobe Ideas 2015 (7)

Here we see a classic look, which is probably the most common and easiest way to dress for office. Here we see pale yellow blazer, tailored grey trousers, white ivory shirt and classy, patent pumps.

Women's Working Wardrobe Ideas 2015 (8)

I love to see ladies playing with shapes, I mean when they wear slouchy versus fitted styles, there is kind of feminine and masculine combination. Here we see two looks which remind me of careless chic style. We see menswear inspired shirts teamed with pencil skirts (the plaid one and black leather) eye-catching shoes and classic handbags:

Women's Working Wardrobe Ideas 2015 (9)

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  1. I love the way you’ve put together these outfits. Where can I purchase some of those items?

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