Women’s Hipster Clothing Sets 2015

In today's post I tried to include possible women's hipster clothing sets for the next 2015 year. You are about to see hipsters modern street style looks, which are easy-to-style and can easily update your wardrobe. The presented Polyvore compilation includes vintage, simple casual, totally black outfits, which are comfortable, functional and perfect for street wear. I personally like these garments for the touches of hippie, grunge and bohemian subculture. Most of the showcased looks feature skinny jeans, yet it's okay to dress boyfriends now. While, my favorite attribute of this style are ironic eyewear, which can be either oversized plastic framed glasses, Buddy Holly glasses, or authentic Wayfarers in all possible colors. Anyway, let's have a look my favorite wardrobe combinations:

Women's Hipster Clothing Sets 2015 (1)

Keep it simple and try on pale pink pullover which can be worn with cut-offs, lace-up combat boots and bright nail colors.

The cuffed slim jeans can be updated with striped tee, mannish brogues and stunning circled retro glasses:

Women's Hipster Clothing Sets 2015 (2)

Here we see a summer festival look, which includes cut-offs, daisy flower print on black tee, light brown leather bag, aviator sunglasses and lace-up black trainers:

Women's Hipster Clothing Sets 2015 (3)

That's a cozy look, which includes light blue cut-offs, striped slim-fit tee, grey, knitted cardigan, retro brown leather handbag and retro look loafers:

Women's Hipster Clothing Sets 2015 (4)

This outfit looks more bohemian to me. We see a printed cardigan worn with simple white tee, jean shorts and beach flat sandals:

Women's Hipster Clothing Sets 2015 (5)

Here we see totally black outfit, which is updated with pink color. Love the statement sunglasses and loafers with printed lips:

Women's Hipster Clothing Sets 2015 (6)

How about this cool hipster update, which includes an oversized sweater, cuffed skinnies, salmon pink lace-up trainers and monochrome printed circled eyeglasses:

Women's Hipster Clothing Sets 2015 (7)

Next one comes with ripped skinnies, light red shirt, cropped black blazer and pointed toe black heels:

Women's Hipster Clothing Sets 2015 (8)

You can always update your casual outfit (white shirt and slim jeans) with fur vest:

Women's Hipster Clothing Sets 2015 (9)

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