Winter 2015-2016 Leather Accessories In Hands of Oizo THE METAMORPHOSIS Collection

French leather accessories brand Hands Of Oizo presents its Autumn 2015 season collection of women's leather made accessories. Label's fashion designer Blandine Boudet has a unique view and approach to her designs. I am so in love with its sophisticated urban style and ladylike touches. The brand designs innovative and timelessly elegant tailor-made accessories for sophisticated women.

HANDS OF OIZO - 'CARAPACE' Handbag - black - back

Carapace black handbag. An ideal design for cocktail parties.

You gonna be wowed by the beauty of 100 % leather made women's clothing items. These products will update any outfit, from suit to cocktail frock. Each piece is thoroughly designed to enhance woman’s originality and character. It's a perfect balance between glamour and ease, between style and practicality. Hands Of Oizo manages to transform your silhouette with that extra spark of style. Thanks to these creations you will easily reveal your one and only sophisticated character and sense of aesthetics.

HANDS OF OIZO - 'CARAPACE' Handbag - black - front

HANDS OF OIZO - 'CARAPACE' Handbag - black - side2

The Fall 2015 collection 'THE METAMORPHOSIS' was inspired by Franz Kafka's namesake novel 'THE METAMORPHOSIS.' Boudet pictured out a heroin under the influence of a weird dream by a dark night... turning into a hybrid creature: Her inner strength enhanced, she develops a tough and complex carapace. She appears wearing leather accessories as protective or functional attributes. The showcased leather accessories will for sure complete any look, bringing exacerbated femininity, strength feel, as well as protective and functional vibe. Through ancient references, Blandine Boudet depicts a modern type of feminine strength.

HANDS OF OIZO - 'CARAPACE' Handbag - red - back

HANDS OF OIZO - 'CARAPACE' Handbag - red - front

Carapace handbag in red leather. Looks perfect for making a statement in the crowd.

HANDS OF OIZO - 'CARAPACE' Handbag - red - side2

HANDS OF OIZO - 'CARAPACE' Handbag - tricolor - back

'CARAPACE' leather handbag in tricolor (red, black and cream). It comes with sharp lines, smart folding play and constructed volume. Its carapace-like design evokes strength, inspired by the beetle (venerated as a sacred protector in Ancient Egypt) or by samurai armors. You can use it as a clutch bag by its front handle, or as a cross-body bag with its removable strap.

HANDS OF OIZO - 'CARAPACE' Handbag - tricolor - front

HANDS OF OIZO - 'CARAPACE' Handbag - tricolor - side2

HANDS OF OIZO - 'SOBEK' Waist belt - black - detail1

Sobek waist belt in black leather. Looks ideal for attaching around your favorite midi or maxi skirt.

HANDS OF OIZO - 'SOBEK' Waist belt - red - detail2

Here we see ‘SOBEK’ leather waist belt in red color. Personally, it looks to me as a kind of retro corset. Still it's bold, sophisticated and there is kind of antique armour touch. Love these three adjustable fastening straps.

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