What dresses to wear at work for women over 50

I see lots of beautiful old women who dress a bit decently and very greyish. Today I want to show you my personal favorite styles which are ideal for working women over 50. Before we move on I want to let you know, that today's fashion is more about style, as we see lots women's clothing which is not made for comfortable wear, which is why it can cause a lot of pain and discomfort for you. I tried to collect the best Polyvore sets to show you professional and comfortable dresses, which are great for working and after-working hours wear. As you can see, each look features a well-cut design, which not only looks good but it feels comfortable and appropriate for working environment. What I really love about the following styles is that there are plenty of styles that look great on over 50 women.

work dresses for women over 50 (1)

Here we see a wrap dress with shawl neck, which has a good fit and style. It flatters your shape by detailing your bustline and waist. It's an ideal piece for those ladies who want to hide their hips. The following long sleeve version looks professional and keeps you warm at the office. Style it with classic shoes and modern patent handbag.

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That's a draped neck ensemble in a retro print. Try it on with a skinny belt, wrap camel tailored blazer, booties and miniature duffle bag.

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How about a wool knit ensemble in cream grey color. Try it on with a wool overcoat, light-weight knitted scarf, long boots and office handbag.

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Here we see a simple knitted shift which is paired with camel coat, long brown boots and handbag.

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This A-line checked dress with Peter Pan collar is made with a tailored bodice and full, slightly flared skirt. This design will fit women with larger hips and thighs. I love the way it emphasizes the waistline. It's a very comfortable piece for wearing as an office wear. Try it on with gray wool coat, wool cap and red accessories, including boots and bag.

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The vintage look ensemble cinched at the waist with a skinny wrap belt looks ideal styled with burgundy blazer, classic bag and heels.

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The following shift looks perfect. It features simple, straight lines and 3/4 sleeves. It looks great on women over 50. Finish the look by adding a yellow retro outerwear, open toe heels and black clutch.

work dresses for women over 50 (8)

The grey pencil ensemble is perfect for teaming with dark green fitted outerwear.

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