Vintage Silver Diamond Earrings

I think it's the right time for me to share with you some of the best vintage silver diamond earrings. The following compilation consists of beautiful styles which combine classic and modern touches. What I love about these statement jewelry then it's the vintage touch, which will suit almost every occasion. You can wear them at Holidays as well as at special occasions. You are about to find here exciting and sparkling creations embellished with diamonds. The timeless elegance makes these vintage glamour must-haves to stand out from the crowd. I think every style which is shown below will decorate your amazing outfit, making you look timelessly chic and feminine. Choose your favorite ones and tell me what you are thinking of these gorgeous earrings.

Vintage Silver Diamond Earrings (1)

Vintage Silver Diamond Earrings (1)

Jamie Wolf and Derek Lam teamed together to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the New York City Ballet at Lincoln Center. These Jamie Wolf Nycb Agon black diamond silver earrings in sculptural design and shimmering delicate diamonds.

Vintage Silver Diamond Earrings (2)

Here we see a floral touch from Jamie Wolf Nycb who offers Midsummer diamond styles. I love the black rhodium finish.

Vintage Silver Diamond Earrings (3)

Jamie Wolf and Derek Lam offer us these amazing silver Prodigal diamond earrings. Which are ideal for wearing with white or black slim-fit dress.

Vintage Silver Diamond Earrings (4)

Jamie Wolf Nycb offers another great design, called Serenade diamond studs. These glittery black and white diamond must-haves are ideal for making you noticed.

Vintage Silver Diamond Earrings (5)

Sarah Chloe shows us gorgeous Petite Jolie diamond stud must-haves in tiny, disc shaped look. Love the pavé diamonds covering.

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