Vintage Artisan ‘The Box’ Bag

Let's welcome Carlos R. Juarez who is a creative designer behind Vintage Artisan. Today I want to share with you Juarez latest creation, which is called "The Box." This wood accessory was created, because designer wanted to make something innovative and practical. "The Box" is the unique way to carry objects. This day in age, it's really difficult to find a product that can cater to multiple needs. The compatibility of objects just seem to have vanished. We need to have one case for our phone, one for our laptop and one for our Ipad, right!? And the terrible thing is, that if I buy a bag for just those things, their full potential is only for those certain items. The box is a one stop shop, where you can carry laptop, books, wine bottles etc.

Vintage Artisan  (1)

Vintage Artisan  (2)

Vintage Artisan  (3)

Vintage Artisan  (4)

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