Types Of Jeans Every Woman Should Have

Today's fashion guide is dedicated to our beloved hard-wearing casual pants made of denim. Why these bottoms are so popular? Every lady can easily find a pair of jeans that ideally fits her body. The best and worst thing about jeans: you can wear them quite often, but once you understand you need a new pair of jeans, then it might become a problem to find exactly the one and only pair that ideally suits you. There are thousands of stylish jeans for women, but which ones fit you best? That's why it's important to understand the basics of a perfect pair of jeans that works best on your body.

The first pair of jeans is a skinny fit. These bottoms hug your skin and snugly fit your legs. If you do have lean and sexy legs, then I give you the green light to buy them. Women with hourglass bodies, slim legs should buy skinnies, but I do not recommend skintight jeans for women with round or pear-shaped bodies. Next pair of jeans is the so-called skinny crop. They are the same as skinnies, just cropped at the ankle part. The straight leg jeans are the ones that still hug your legs, but keep things a bit relaxed. They do look awesome on most body shapes. Next pair of jeans are so-called jeggings, they are basically the same as classic leggings but made of denim. Just make sure you follow the same rules as you would wear classic leggings. My favorites are boot cut jeans. They are favorite bottoms among women of all age groups. These are suitable for all body types, especially for curvy ladies. Flared jeans are something that evokes the 1970's fashion. They are back in trend this year, so I recommend these bottoms to tall and curvy women with pear and round shaped body types. I do not recommend them for short and curvy women. The last, but not least are boyfriend jeans. A kind of borrowed from your boy jeans definitely are musts for everyone. They are casual, comfortable and ideally suit any body shape. That's it, these are my favorite jeans you should give a try at least once in your life.

Types Of Jeans Every Woman Should Have 2019

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