Tulip Fields In Akris Resort 2016

Akris designer Albert Kriemler presents colorful resort 2016 collection which was inspired by a wonderful combination of natural colors of tulip field in Holland, Netherlands. The striking rows of red, orange, bright yellow, blue, green, purple and pink were the starting points of his pre-collection. The following tulip fields and tulip silhouettes were digitally printed onto minidresses and outerwear. We see Kriemler's signature photo prints what are brought back into his resort line. I am in love with striped zoomed in canvas tulip field landscape print and oversize tulip shapes what popped up as an embroidery on jackets and tops. Kriemler professionally balances bright hues with pale neutrals. Some outfits come with masculine details making every piece look individual and sophisticated.

Akris Resort 2016 (1)

Oversize T-shirt dress features zoomed in canvas tulip field landscape is completed with clogs and dark blue baseball hat.

Akris Resort 2016 (2)

Orange coat with pink inner side is worn atop pink colored dress.

Akris Resort 2016 (3)

Straw baseball hat looks marvelous styled with tulip field printed dress. In love with orange leather handbag.

Akris Resort 2016 (4)

Black fur bomber is worn atop white sporty separates. The look is complete thanks to white sneakers.

Akris Resort 2016 (7)

Another fashionable straw baseball hat is styled with orange suit, what consists of a cropped jacket and pencil dress.

Akris Resort 2016 (8)

Shearling brown leather short jacket is worn atop yellow look. In love with pleated long airy skirt.

Akris Resort 2016 (9)

We see brown suede pantsuit completed with beautiful clogs and tall baseball hat.

Akris Resort 2016 (10)

We see a beautiful tulip field print coat worn atop matching top and paired with cropped white pants and cream white clogs.

Akris Resort 2016 (11)

An orange T-shirt with an oversized tulip silhouette print is paired with burgundy skirt.

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  1. I can’t find anywhere those marvellous clogs. Please tell me what’s their brand and where to buy them!

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