Trendy Women’s Accessories 2014 by Shopbop

Who let the dogs out? It was Shopbop! The online retailer enlisted dogs to model Spring-Summer 2014 accessories campaign. These cute animals pose wearing turquoise sunglasses, handbags and sneakers. Each design is a must-have. As you can see, the result is marvelous and pretty amazing. Each dog looks awesome wearing metallic and neon shades. Here below are presented the best essentials for this warm season.

Trendy Women's Accessories by Shopbop  (1)

These two doggies look smiling. Love these yellow and turquoise bags.

This one looks feeling glamor.

Trendy Women's Accessories by Shopbop  (2)

How about some neon shades.

3. Retouch Complete

Mirrored circled sunnies.

3. Retouch Complete

Transparent frames and zebra print sneakers.

3. Retouch Complete

Trendy Women's Accessories by Shopbop  (6)

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