Topiary and Komondor Dog Prints In Opening Ceremony Resort 2016

Humberto Leon and Carol Lim’s resort 2016 collection for Opening Ceremony was inspired by the recent Westminster Dog Show and topiary. Opening Ceremony has gone to the dogs this season.

Opening Ceremony Resort 2016 (1)

We see model clad in shearling black leather belted moto inspired jacket styled with front-zip green sweatshirt, black culottes and heeled black leather sandals.

Models are clad in lean, layered silhouettes, wearing pencil-shaped dresses, trim geometric outerwear, flounced skirts, tracksuit tops, faux-leather moto jackets, slipdresses, maxi dresses, perforated sweatshirts, fringe-detail sweaters, tailored jackets, etc. Humberto says: “We wanted to fantasize about the life women live.” Some of designs featured topiary-inspired jacquards and aerial suburban map prints. Personally, I am so in love with shaggy komondor dog prints.

Opening Ceremony Resort 2016 (2)

A-line silhouettes tailored green coat with diagonal zip closure is styled with black culottes and chunky heeled sandals.

Opening Ceremony Resort 2016 (3)

We see kind of scuba inspired black front-zipper top worn with straight fit green skirt. The outfit is completed with animal print bag and chunky sandals.

Opening Ceremony Resort 2016 (4)

Topiary printed front-zip jacket is worn with black tapered trousers.

Opening Ceremony Resort 2016 (5)

Printed jacket with diagonal front zip-closure looks bulky styled with flared black shorts.

Opening Ceremony Resort 2016 (6)

Scuba-like black jacket with silvery metallic zippers looks mannish.

Opening Ceremony Resort 2016 (7)

Komondor dog printed jacket is worn with matching print skirt.

Opening Ceremony Resort 2016 (8)

V-neck black shift dress with poncho sides is styled with front zip high-neck.

Opening Ceremony Resort 2016 (9)

Diagonal zip-closure belted trench-coat in black color is styled with pinstripe trousers.

Opening Ceremony Resort 2016 (10)

Topiary printed collarless coat-dress is worn atop black colored flared skirt.

Opening Ceremony Resort 2016 (11)

Topiary printed short jacket embellished with a statement belt is worn with pencil black skirt updated with peplum bottom.

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