Tomboy Hipster Looks In Sea Pre-Fall 2015

Monica Paolini and Sean Monahan were focused on sportswear mannish looks in their latest Sea pre-Fall 2015 season collection. Everything looks wearable and street style appropriate for the upcoming transitional season. We see lots of embellishments, lace cutouts and patterns, it's no wonder why, as Paolini was inspired by the prints and embroideries that were seen in one fabrics shop in Germany. The pre-collection comes with special denim looks, including jumpsuits, track pant inspired jeans, cuffed boyfriends, quilted, hand-distressed, embroidered, etc. I personally felt in love with the way designers pay attention to details, offering its clientèle vintage appeal outfits with worn-out pieces.

Sea Pre-Fall 2015 (1)

That's an eye-catching dark grey pantsuit that consists of a double-breasted suit jacket, white shirt tucked in high-waisted, pleated flares.

Sea Pre-Fall 2015 (2)

Here we see a casual shirt jumpsuit with short sleeves. This outfit will suit those ladies who want to get dressed in a very short time.

Sea Pre-Fall 2015 (3)

The dark grey hoodie is worn underneath camel colored cropped peacoat and teamed with flannel A-line skirt.

Sea Pre-Fall 2015 (4)

Wrap and belted flannel cape looks awesome worn atop pale blue shirt and styled with camel chinos, burgundy socks and black leather loafers.

Sea Pre-Fall 2015 (5)

The burgundy knitted sweater is worn atop plaid shirt and teamed with glossy buttoned, brown leather skirt.

Sea Pre-Fall 2015 (6)

V-neck denim sleeveless dress cinched at the waist with a belt looks very functional styled with a checkered shirt.

Sea Pre-Fall 2015 (7)

The shearling sandy parka looks cool with plaid top and cuffed boyfriends paired with black leather loafers.

Sea Pre-Fall 2015 (8)

The sleeveless flannel A-line shift is a great piece for those ladies who want a relaxed look during weekends.

Sea Pre-Fall 2015 (9)

The camel sandy chinos work jumpsuit will surely make you noticed at casual parties, as well as in the streets.

Sea Pre-Fall 2015 (10)

Here we see sandy camel V-neck, sleeveless dress worn atop white, slouchy top. I love the way ensemble is cinched at the waist with a cool belt.

Sea Pre-Fall 2015 (11)

Fuzzy jacquard sweater is paired with awesome denim track pants. This outfit will surely fit those women who want something comfortable and chic.

Sea Pre-Fall 2015 (12)

The collarless jacket in jacquard print looks very urban paired with denim jumpsuit.

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