These Are Must-Have Sunglasses For 2016 From Neo-Ne

This time I want to draw your attention to this stunning and must-have sunglasses collection from Neo-Ne brand. Father & son spectacles label found by experienced craftsman S.H.Li and his son, designer Leo Li in 2013. Every single creation is a masterpiece. I am proud to share with you Neo-Ne's 2016 collection of various sunglasses designs that are not only trendy but timelessly elegant and ideal for wearing in summer and winter months.

Neo-Ne Sunglasses (1)

Swing Bat design. The form of these sunnies was developed from the shape of bat. The classic eyewear shape was modified with a touch of representationalism. I love the thick wings and sharp nose bridge that give it a tough look and a nice sense of touch. The name was actually inspired by Swing Jazz in 1980s.

It's no wonder why we see an outstanding craftsmanship and excellent attention to details, as the brand comes with over 30 years (!) handicraft experience. Each pair of spectacles represents a vision. Neo-Ne’s philosophy comes with a deeper meaning in wearing eyewear. It's not only about functional purpose, it's also a way of feeling. Each design embodies a unique character. It's like feeling yourself newly and visualize things differently.

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Torii as a traditional Japanese gate has a symbolic meaning of transition from the profane to the sacred in Japanese culture. These sunglasses take the meaning as a boundary between the spirit and the outer worlds. The design comes with geometric metal temples and the marble color acetate.

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Fong is the first eyewear designed exclusively for women. The model comes with large square frame and inner golden frame. The white marble stone is matched with golden temples.

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Neo-Ne Sunglasses (9)

Milo is named after Jack Russell dog in "the mask" movie. These sunglasses come with two very different looks. The clip on sunglasses lenses look irresistibly cool. Just unclip them to use this eyewear as your everyday opticals.

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The Owl Eyes are inspired by old fashioned eyewear structure. The metal bridge links this eyewear. The extra large lenses extend the field of view.

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