The Relaxed And Elegant Beauty In Michael Sontag Fall 2015

The relaxed and elegant beauty is seen in the latest Michael Sontag Autumn 2015 collection. The starting point was the work with the fabrics on the dress-form. Sontag experimented with black satin-ribbons to accentuate the construction of the clothes. Every look is made of cozy, high-quality fabrics like silk in gold and dark red, cashmere and finest wool.

Michael Sontag Fall 2015 (1)

We see a relaxed fit belted navy jacket (looks cozy and comfy) paired with asymmetric brown camel colored skirt.

I like the way innovative cuts create a strong visual experience without being too loud. The strong sides of this collection are drapery, comfort, construction and timeless elegance. The presented clothes will ideally fit young lady and even 60 year old voguish woman. Michael Sontag has created a relaxed elegant look for women who love the extraordinary and comfort. Starting from January these creations will be available at MICHAEL SONTAG SPACE, Muskauerstrasse 41, 10997 Berlin. Anyway, let's have a closer look at my favorite outfits:

Michael Sontag Fall 2015 (2)

Army green cape looks terrific worn atop long-sleeve cream white top paired with black asymmetric draped wrap skirt.

Michael Sontag Fall 2015 (3)

That's a fabulous looking lightweight black robe-coat styled with fresh sky blue cropped trousers. I am so in love with this outfit.

Michael Sontag Fall 2015 (4)

We see a shapeless black coat (looks pretty elegant to me) worn with matching wide black trousers (I think they are made of satin).

Michael Sontag Fall 2015 (5)

Shapeless long jacket in navy black is worn atop pale pink asymmetrical draped long top worn with floor-sweeping wide grey pants.

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