The Beauty & Charm Of Russia In Canella Hostal Couture Fall 2015 Collection

Say hello to Canella Hostal Couture brand. This Autumn 2015 season, brand was inspired by the beauty and magic of Russia, as well as Moscow’s winter charm. The collection is highlighted by hand made fabric manipulation related to the windows design on Russian Chalet. I am so in love with precise handmade fabric manipulations what are seen through every garment. Speaking of fabrics use, then I see a marvelous use of wool, cotton, fur and even plastic (Yep, rain-coat is made by plastic). I don't know how she does it, but there is kind of nostalgic spirit in every single outfit, what looks both timeless and beautiful.

Canella Hostal Fall 2015 (1)

The master piece of this Autumn collection is this plastic hooded rain-coat, what is fully hand made.

Thanks to designer's travels around the world (Brazil, Tokyo, Korea, Hong Kong and Italy), seeing different cultures, we witness the amazing contrast what is seen through her styling mood. The color palette is bright, yet sophisticated, we see royal blue, red and white. The parsley pattern makes every piece look vibrant. The real beauty lies in the mix of silhouettes. We are going to see marvelous capes, coats, maxi dresses, etc. I have gathered my favorite looks, hope you will love them too. Anyway, let me know your thoughts in the comments below:

Canella Hostal Fall 2015 (2)

There is kind of boho-chic touch in this long-sleeve maxi-dress. The outfit is completed thanks to black fedora-hat.

Canella Hostal Fall 2015 (3)

Russian snow white is back in town! We see a luxe furry hat worn with cozy and elegant cream white coat and dark blue skinny jeans.

Canella Hostal Fall 2015 (6)

This tailored cape-coat in dark blue color looks like a military jacket thanks to golden buttons. Keep it sophisticated thanks to cream white long skirt and matching color pants.

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