Tailoring & Sportswear Touches In RROMA Fall 2015 Collection

Ready to wear fashion label RROMA reveals its Autumn 2015 season capsule collection of men's and women shirts and sweatshirts. I like the combination of tailoring and sportswear techniques, what are fused together in creation of something unique and fresh. Brand's designer Melissa Pinkstone wanted to contrast traditional folk craftsmanship with ultra modern neoprene, airtex and sportswear materials. Hand screen printed shirts with a rubber puff paste created an illusion of textured embroidery. Anyway, let's have a closer look at some of my favorite Winter 2015-2016 season styles:

RROMA Fall 2015 (1)

I love this image. Remind me of good old country side years. The shirts identify folkloric character.

It's interesting to know that the name Rroma comes from the Romanian word meaning Gypsy. Designer's multicultural roots (quarter Romanian, American, French and German) have led her to create a label entirely inspired by culture. Melissa always draws creativity from the works of Rom film director Tony Gatlif, photographer Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert and Josef Koudelka, artists all who portray Romani culture in there own way.

RROMA Fall 2015 (2)

RROMA Fall 2015 (3)

Designer ideally makes a perfect combination of modern sportswear and folkloric tailoring techniques.

RROMA Fall 2015 (4)

RROMA Fall 2015 (5)

RROMA Fall 2015 (7)

Indigo colored chambray tunic for men is a great choice for updating your everyday style.

RROMA Fall 2015 (8)

Deep blue colored sweatshirt looks awesome! Try it on with your favorite pleated pants.

RROMA Fall 2015 (9)

The perforated women's sweatshirt with bleu raglan sleeves is a great choice for gyms and casual street walks.

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  1. I just came across this article and it bothers me that it says “the name Rroma comes from the Romanian word meaning Gypsy”, when in fact that is not true at all. In the Romanian language, the word for gypsy is țigan and it is a derogatory term used to oppress the Rroma population of Romania. Gypsy in general, should not be used by people who are not Rroma.

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