Sunpocket Original Sunglasses “Samoa” Spring-Summer 2015

If you want yourself something trendy, bright, cool and creative, then I highly recommend to try on this awesome pair of sunglasses from Sunpocket Original. The following spring-summer 2015 season's model "Samoa" is named after the Samoan islands located in the South Pacific Ocean. This eyewear features round frame that transitions naturally from the city to the beach and to the mountains. Indeed, that's a pretty versatile model which looks ideal with suits and casual outfits. This form will surely make you noticeable in the crowd and keep you individual at any cool party.

All Black  1

Here we see glossy black frames that are perfect for wearing with your favorite tuxedo look.

All Black  2

Bright Blond 1

The bright blond model has a very unique look that can make any person look unique and very modern:

Bright Blond 2

Bright Blond 3

Bright Blond 4

Crystal Grey 1

Here we see semi-transparent crystal gray design that features light blue lenses:

Crystal Grey 2

Crystal Grey 3

Crystal Grey 4

Dark Tortoise  1

How about dark tortoise sunglasses that can be worn with smart-casual, Tomboy and dapper staples:

Dark Tortoise  2

Shiny Red 1

Shiny Red 2

Speaking of eye-catching look, then I advice to try on these red styles:

Shiny Red 3

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