Suno Resort 2015

Erin Beatty and Max Osterweis behind Suno reveal "Grounded" Resort 2015 collection, which consists of functional wardrobe with chic embellishments, delicate, eye-catching embroidery and bold jewel appliqués. Model appears in easy denim dresses, cool parkas, leather skirts, cozy jackets and knitwear. All these ornamentations came on simple shapes. Everything feels essential and original. Everything feels personal and special. What really catches my eyes, then it's the durable materials, like denim, wool-nylon and knits. All in all, pre-Spring collection consists of relaxed separates, where some of them come in oversize and slouchy shapes.

Suno Resort 2015 (1)

A floral loose-fit shirt is worn atop striped top which is worn with short black pants and chunky black sandals.

Suno Resort 2015 (2)

A black front-zip jacket is worn atop striped top which is tucked in wide-leg floral print culottes.

Suno Resort 2015 (3)

A black trench is worn with the same sailor inspired top and relaxed dark wash chambray trousers.

Suno Resort 2015 (4)

Dark was denim top is worn atop silken black shorts and chunky flat sandals.

Suno Resort 2015 (5)

A V-neck jumpsuit embroidered with bold jewel appliqués.

Suno Resort 2015 (6)

Easy wrap denim V-neck coat belted with a skinny strap is worn with black pants.

Suno Resort 2015 (7)

A V-neck floral dress is styled with chunky red sandals.

Suno Resort 2015 (8)

A floral sweatshirt is worn with blush pink wide and pleated trousers.

Suno Resort 2015 (9)

Pink trans-seasonal blush-pink parka is worn with monochrome striped trousers.

Suno Resort 2015 (10)

Another statement striped jumpsuit.

Suno Resort 2015 (11)

An everyday sporty suit in blush pink.

Suno Resort 2015 (12)

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