Statement Coats And Creative Dresses In ENNEMENOUNO Fall 2015

Not so long time ago I was contacted by ENNEMENOUNO brand to view their Autumn 2015 collection. You know what? I felt in love with every single piece. I adore the simplicity, relaxed vibes, chunky knitwear and statement outerwear. Every garment can be incorporated with your existing wardrobe. The brand's name means ’N minus 1’ and it represents label's philosophy and spirit.

ENNEMENOUNO Fall 2015 (1)

This beautiful skirt-suit will ideally match your working hours. You gonna be the most creative lady in the office.

Label's creators Darren Eryou and Paola Morandi attempt to combine modern and antique themes through creative prints, embroidery and natural, high-quality fabrics. Every design is based on searching for points of harmony and balance between contemporary innovation and antique Italian fabrics and sartorial traditions. I like collection's gowns what feature icon characters and beautiful mosaic jacquards. ENNEMENOUNO garments come in clean cuts, structured lines and elegant silhouettes. I feel kind of timelessness looking through these textured, printed and embroidered outfits. I would say this is an experimental ready to wear handmade collection full of unexpected lines and forms. Every single piece comes with a quality and sense of elegance which cannot be achieved through modern machine sewing. Anyway, let me know what you think of this Winter 2015-2016 lookbook in the comments below.

ENNEMENOUNO Fall 2015 (2)

Do you love vibrancy as much as I love it? If yes, then this coat is a must-have for you! The mosaic pattern looks awesome.

ENNEMENOUNO Fall 2015 (3)

This one makes me wanna buy it! The jacquard print long-sleeve frock with black lace collar looks timelessly elegant.

ENNEMENOUNO Fall 2015 (4)

An oversized T-shirt tunic looks ideal styled with white wide pants. Complete the look by adding mosaic print wrap scarf.

ENNEMENOUNO Fall 2015 (5)

An exaggerated black printed pullover looks perfect styled with matching maxi skirt.

ENNEMENOUNO Fall 2015 (6)

Cinched waist mosaic midi dress with short sleeves is an ideal choice for home parties and brunches.

ENNEMENOUNO Fall 2015 (7)

Another timelessly perfect look consisting of matching separates.

ENNEMENOUNO Fall 2015 (8)

An oversized dark charcoal knitted sweater will ideally match your favorite slim trousers.

ENNEMENOUNO Fall 2015 (9)

If you want to try on creative formal suit, then I would recommend you to try on this beautiful suit jacket with bell sleeves.

ENNEMENOUNO Fall 2015 (10)

Beige-brown colored jacket in creative prints looks ladylike styled with white loose-fit separates.

ENNEMENOUNO Fall 2015 (11)

We see 3/4 sleeved black tunic blouse in blush-white floral paired with white wide-leg pants.

ENNEMENOUNO Fall 2015 (12)

Chambray long-sleeve tunic looks relaxed and casual.

ENNEMENOUNO Fall 2015 (13)

The stripes haven't gone anywhere! They are still in trend. Try this striped asymmetric bulky coat with shortened sleeves.

ENNEMENOUNO Fall 2015 (14)

There is kind 18 century touch in this blurred stripe duffle coat.

ENNEMENOUNO Fall 2015 (15)

This relaxed and loose-fit collarless topper in grey-beige color will ideally fit your black turtleneck tucked in high-waisted white pants.

ENNEMENOUNO Fall 2015 (16)

We see a classic black tailored retro-look coat worn atop black turtleneck tucked in high-rise knee-length grey skirt.

ENNEMENOUNO Fall 2015 (17)

Retro A-line coat in grey color will ideally compliment your everyday walks.

ENNEMENOUNO Fall 2015 (18)

This monochrome retro coat looks bright and versatile. You can wear it with everything you want, starting from dresses to office essentials.

ENNEMENOUNO Fall 2015 (19)

This oversized robe-coat with shortened sleeves embellished with furs on its cuffs looks perfect worn atop black turtleneck.

ENNEMENOUNO Fall 2015 (20)

You might think this is a little shoulder bag, but believe me, it's spacious enough to keep all your essentials in one place.

ENNEMENOUNO Fall 2015 (21)

Another great looking bag is here. Love the shape and blush color.

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