Sports, Luxe & Minimalism In MA Couture Fall 2015 Collection

I've got some awesome news to share with you tonight! We are going to meet a quite new Italian brand, what's name is MA Couture. I tell you honestly, I didn't hear about it before. I was contacted by brand's sales manager Margherita Mazzera who kindly sent me Autumn 2015 lookbook images...I was pretty much excited by the quality, style and uniqueness of this brand. MA Couture comes from the ambitious idea to shape a new vision of fashion product, by playing with strong combinations. The brand manages to create garments what look minimalistic, but still LUXURY!

MA Couture (1)

That's a sophisticated looking leather T-shirt. You can team it with anything you want, starting from cool sweatpants to maxi skirts.

In today's post I want you to have a look through brand's Winter 2015-2016 season collection. I have uploaded some of my favorite designs to show you. Everything is black colored and looks, damn, good! I mean, every piece, no matter, if it's a pullover, matte leather cropped T-shirt, hoodie or big coat looks and feels made with love from high qualitative fabrics! The team has managed to create that unique and sophisticated custom-made industrial effect, what is complimented by great attention to details. Brand's woman believes in herself and she can afford to wear sporty clothes in her everyday life, without being afraid of losing her femininity. It's a daring and functional collection with strong combinations. I am so in love with the following oversized and sporty shapes.

MA Couture (2)

This black colored hooded coat looks amazing! You can team it with a casual dress or cool jeans.

MA Couture (3)

This numbered sweatshirt comes with mesh detailing. Love it!

MA Couture (4)

I am so in love with these patches on the sleeves.

MA Couture (5)

Raglan sleeves pullover looks pretty simple and still functional and easy to wear!

MA Couture (6)

MA Couture (7)

MA Couture (8)

Yes, this one might be one of my favorites! Love the minimalistic touch.

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