Sophisticated Fabrics And Masculine Uniforms In BLESSUS Fall-Winter 2015-2016

Michael Hekmat behind Polish brand BLESSUS was inspired by the work and life of the Belgian surrealist Rene Magritte in his Autumn 2015 season collection. We are going to see elements of the male wardrobe and masculine uniforms in almost every silhouette. If you like wearing modern clothes and you lean towards an individual and made-to-measure approach in fashion, then you better take a closer look at this collection.

BLESSUS Fall 2015 (1)

'This Collection is a reflection of my desire for intimacy and uniqueness. I focused on sophisticated fabrics and finishings, like the decorative seams embroidered in a geometric rhythm. The color palette has been limited to deep black, pristine white, dark navy and a touch of eclectic orange. This renders a more precious and focused look.' - Says Hekmat. Clean silhouettes, creative cuts and high quality are essentials for BLESSUS. Every piece is like a piece of art, as it's unique and rich and fabulous looking.

BLESSUS Fall 2015 (2)

This might be a must-have coat for this Winter 2015-2016 season. Love the black and white colors, zip-closure and the belt.

BLESSUS Fall 2015 (3)

The mannish shaped cropped jacket looks attractive paired with front zip navy trousers.

BLESSUS Fall 2015 (4)

Yes, I was talking about this coat. A perfect cover-up for your everyday walks around the town.

BLESSUS Fall 2015 (5)

This flared black coat with side front-zip closure looks terrific. Love the way this outerwear is styled with black turtleneck.

BLESSUS Fall 2015 (6)

Black belted coat with white lapels is a magnificent choice for modern business ladies.

BLESSUS Fall 2015 (7)

Can't say why, but this white cocoon cropped jacket looks biker inspired to me. Love the way it is worn with orange dress.

BLESSUS Fall 2015 (8)

Some say LBD is a must-have for any wardrobe. Well, this creative frock looks very attractive.

BLESSUS Fall 2015 (9)

Why do I like BLESSUS creations? For its high-quality, every detail is so important. Love it:

BLESSUS Fall 2015 (10)

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