Sea Fall-Winter 2015-2016 Military, Florals, Denim And Knitwear

Sean Monahan and Monica Paolini behind Sea presented an awesome Autumn-Winter 2015-2016 season's collection of women's preppy essentials. The Fall season was inspired by military uniforms, African prints and 1970's movies. You are going to find here sweet daisy-print dresses, overize shearling vests, tribal looking graphic blue-on-blue ponchos, awesome parkas, cropped eyelet blouses, lace-inset frock, embroidered dresses, etc. In other words, there are lots of Coachella appropriate looks that ideally fit any lady. My personal favorite are easy to style sweaters and denim looks. Everything looks easy to wear and functional. All in all, if you want to combine men's looks with ladylike essentials, then you better check out this Sea lookbook.

Sea Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (1)

A shortened shearling vest is worn atop white shirt which is tucked in high-waisted belted safari chinos.

Sea Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (2)

Denim belted frock with front zip-closure looks functional worn atop white high-neck long-sleeve top. Love the black leather high boots.

Sea Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (3)

If you are looking for something functional and simple, then go for this denim belted work jumpsuit styled with khaki sneaker-boots.

Sea Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (4)

The black heavy sweater embellished with florals looks awesome styled with pleated blue pants.

Sea Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (5)

The mohair blue short-sleeve sweater is tucked in high-waisted ankle-length jean skirt which is belted on the waist.

Sea Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (6)

That's a nomad print relaxed-fit ensemble styled with glossy black leather boots.

Sea Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (7)

The hooded knitted anorak looks awesome with high-neck white top and relaxed-fit denim skirt.

Sea Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (8)

Tank shift dress looks daywear appropriate. It's worn atop white turtleneck.

Sea Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (9)

Tie dye effect cable knit sweater is paired with cool beige safari chinos.

Sea Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (10)

Heavy shearling black navy vest is worn atop white turtleneck which is tucked in high-waisted patch skirt.

Sea Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (11)

Black-and-white belted robe-coat looks fantastic worn atop daisy print dress.

Sea Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (12)

The relaxed fit daisy print frock is ideal for weekends wear.

Sea Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (13)

Khaki colored coat is worn atop black-and-white plaid sweater which is paired with daisy print trousers.

Sea Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (14)

Here we see a khaki tailored dress cinched with a belt and embellished with patch pockets.

Sea Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (15)

Cropped dark blue sweater is worn atop white blouse and paired with high-waisted plaid skirt.

Sea Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (16)

Sleeveless plaid black-and-white sweater looks awesome paired with black airy dress.

Sea Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (17)

Black shearling khaki vest is teamed with plaid frock.

Sea Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (18)

Forest green buttoned cardigan looks awesome worn atop daisy print jumpsuit.

Sea Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (19)

Sea Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (20)

Another great looking work appropriate black jumpsuit cinched at the waist with a skinny belt.

Sea Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (21)

If you want something more ladylike, then go for this floral gown.

Photo: Gilbert François / Courtesy of Sea

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