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Please welcome Sati Bibò handbags, that are not only creative and modern, but also practical and easy-to-wear. Today, I am going to share with you my Dear fashion readers Sati Bibo's Fall-Winter 2013-2014 and Spring–Summer 2014 collections of women's beautiful and luxe handbags. I think you have already noticed that all the presented accessories are made of qualitative materials, where innovation and charm are the main constants of the brand. The Autumn collection comes with different styles, including clutches, creative shape handbags, shopping size totes, buckets and clutches. Every detail evokes modern style, sophistication and femininity. I advice you to take a closer look and see the beauty of the colors, which represent the charm of these bags, love the nature earthy colors, moody skies and reddish leaves hues: crimson reds, gray, chestnuts, soft pearl gray and blue colors. The fur cover is a must have, indeed it's so precious and sophisticated, as you look completely different, yet luxe and unique.

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While the spring season follows the new styles, shapes and it looks like they are both men's and women appropriate. I'd like to underline one piece created by artists Sofia Rocchetti and Corrado Tomassini “wearable sculptures,” which is unique and sophisticated work, love this piece of art. Sati Bibo designer Sabrina Carbone was fascinated by the artistic visions of Sofia Rocchetti and Corrado Tomassini, so the spring season comes with creative bags, that are accessorized with wide variety of materials, including jewels, stones, gold and silver coverings. I personally felt in love with these rough shapes.

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