SABA X Onkler Sunglasses

SABA made a beautiful collection of women's sunglasses in a collaboration with Onkler eyewear brand. I personally like the timeless simplicty of these gorgeous sunnies, which come in statement designs and playful colors. The latest collection's philosophy pays homage to influential style icon personalities. The following pieces are inspired by such muses like Audrey Hepburn and Woody Allen. I personally see the mix of modern fashion aesthetic with undertones of the 1960s and 1970s influence. You are about to see cat-eye designs which feature masculine touches. Looking at these sunglasses I think of innovation and perfection of women's and men's accessories. Each piece is infused with the integrity, passion and modernity.

SABA X Onkler Eyewear (1)

That's an ideal design for wearing with preppy and classic looks. I imagine girl or a lady wearing a pale pink skirtsuit and these stunning sunglasses.

SABA X Onkler Eyewear (2)

Another black statement piece which will ideally fit urban clothing lovers.

SABA X Onkler Eyewear (3)

How about wearing big ones with a touch of cat-eye frame shape. I love the gorgeous look of these sunnies.

SABA X Onkler Eyewear (4)

These are kind of animal printed ones, which are ideal for a special party. Try them on with your favorite cocktail dress in cream white or beife color.

SABA X Onkler Eyewear (5)

SABA X Onkler Eyewear (6)

SABA X Onkler Eyewear (7)

Here we see male model who poses in geometric square shaped black eyewear.

SABA X Onkler Eyewear (8)

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