RWD Spring-Summer 2015 Sneak Peak Images + Interview

Hello The Best Fashion Blog readers! Today I have some sneak peak images from the Spring-Summer 2015 season's collection which was made by Denmark fashion label RWD (Rosa Winther Denison). I had chance to speak with her. I hope you will like my interview with this awesome designer.

RWD Spring-Summer 2015 (1)

When did you know you wanted to be a fashion designer? How did you get into fashion?

I've always been creative in and interested in sewing and fashion, but have always thought that it was going to study law. I was obsessed with "Amy", when I was younger, and probably got the idea from watching that. However I found six form college quite stressful with over-ambition and the constant strive to get perfect grades, and in my last year of studying I somehow realized that law was not the correct thing for me. So I slowly got my mind about applying for the various Fashion Schools around the world and was turned down firstly, but accepted at 3 different places the year after. I chose to stay in Copenhagen, which i love.

What's it like being in the industry? Are there any "battles" between designers? Do they spy to use ideas from each other?

It's a mouthful! Going from thinking that law would be difficult, I certainly discovered that the fashion industry is so much more than catwalks and cocktails. I love being in the industry, aiming to influence the world's style and fashion, but I must admit that it is way more stressful than I could ever imagine. I guess there is quite a lot of battles between some designers. We live in the same world, during the same time, and in my opinion, we cannot avoid being influenced and inspired by each other. However, being inspired is fare different from copying, which I think is the main subject of battles in this industry. Mainly it's a problem when the fast fashion industries copy from talented designers around the world, who looses money on bigger companies copying their products and selling them to 80% less that the original - and sometimes the battle is between two designers who copy each others products. There is always some spying going around I would imagine, off course one would like to check out the competition :)

How would you describe your brand and design aesthetic? Tell us about your collections, fabrics use, production. Where do you go for inspiration?

Working with RosaBryndis the past 4 years, the main source of inspiration has been architecture. I love how the aesthetics in buildings and structure and be interpreted and turned into a fashion collection. Having your own inspiration, and working intensely around it, also makes sure that what you create is 100% your own design. On RWD I would like to mix my source of inspirations a little. I would be fun to build my collections around two components, eg. architecture and a certain culture. For the AW15 collection, I'm working around keywords as space, layering and ruffles, where my guest designer Rikke Møller Petersen's jacket, inspired by "bricolage", has been a key item that I've worked around. I always chose my materials individually from style to style, figuring out what would be the ideal. I mostly work in different kinds of silks, wool and it trying on making a few cotton styles in denim.

How much does travel influence your designs and how does that inspiration turn into reality?

I rarely travel. Not that do not want to, but simply because I do not have the time. My last trip was to Italy, which was a business trip, where I went to Vincenza amongst 100 of the most talented designers from It was a fantastic trip, where we shared and discussed various issues in the industry. Also it was a big exhibition aiming to get into the Italian market.

Is there any place in the world you haven’t been to yet but would like to visit from a professional perspective?

I would love to travel to Japan. I have to go one day and discover the culture that i adore so much. Japan has so many amazing designers, working somehow very different and fare from the Scandinavian expression. I am sure that I would gain a lot from visiting Japan.

Describe your working day? How it starts? What's the best time to get up? What's your breakfast? Is it important for you to eat before you work? Or it's just a coffee and you ready to create?

At the moment my days are very similar. I get up at 8 or 9 (I would love to get up before, but it is simply not possible when you go to bed at 02.00) having a morning coffee while checking mails. My breakfast is coffee or a piece of rye bread with a fried egg on top. Then I bike to the showroom where my intern meets me, and we start the day off with a little chat and another cup of coffee. The day goes with various of different tasks from the fun of designing to hardcore administrative work also including packing goodies boxes and hand-braiding 100 bracelets for the guests at my fashion week event the 9th of August. At 6.30 I leave to bikram yoga and is home around 9. Then I go home, grab something to eat and continue working in front of the television - and then I go to bed. I normally forget to eat, because things are quite hectic at the moment, but I love the ciabatta home made sandwiches from my pizza place around to corner. Sometimes the ideas just pop up, and something I'm totally blank. when that happens, a little drinks and a light head always makes things a little more easy.

How active is your lifestyle?

Sitting in a showroom working is not that active. I bike everywhere I can, even to my dads place which is 20 km from my apartment, and love being active. A year ago i started having problems with my back due to sitting down all the time and i had ti quit running which i really love. Now I'm attending Bikram Yoga 4-5 times a week and it has helped me quite a lot.

Who do you think is the ideal woman/man of your brand?

This is always a difficult question. My brand is aiming for that woman/man who wishes to wear something unique which is not mass produced. It is people to wants to spend that little extra in order to get a functional piece where every link in the process has been well thought. It is also a person who needs clothes that can be up/down styled, depending on which event one is attending.

How would you describe your personal fashion style?

I'm very casual. I love wearing tight jeans with a stylish shirt or top. I love wearing suits where the top and bottom matches, which I feel very feminine in. I also like wearing my own silk pants, because they are so light and comfortable.

Can you tell us about your Spring 2015 collection?

The SS15 collection is inspired by the Italian Architect: "Carlos Scarpa". I love his work and his constructions almost looks like optic illusions. The SS15 collection contains a print in green and greyish colors, combines with non printed spaces on the styles, which makes the whole feeling so strong. The collection has undergone quite a bit of a process, redesigning a lot of the design in order to make it fit på RWD. It is my strongest collection so fare, and Jason Idris Alami, the talented photographer made an amazing work with his camera. He is for sure, one of the reasons that this collection is so strong, and I am very thankful to him. I had never thought that my campaign could look this well, and his work on the lookbook is stunning.

RWD Spring-Summer 2015 (2)

RWD Spring-Summer 2015 (3)

RWD Spring-Summer 2015 (4)

RWD Spring-Summer 2015 (5)

RWD Spring-Summer 2015 (6)

RWD Spring-Summer 2015 (7)

Sneak peak from the lookbook:

RWD Spring-Summer 2015 (8)

RWD Spring-Summer 2015 (9)

Some sketches from the latest Spring-Summer 2015 collection:

RWD Spring-Summer 2015 (10)

RWD Spring-Summer 2015 (11)

RWD Spring-Summer 2015 (12)

RWD Spring-Summer 2015 (13)

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