Romantic Functionalism And Floral Addiction In Erdem Resort 2016

Fashion designer Erdem Moralioglu behind Erdem presented new resort 2016 collection of women's pretty and feminine garments. I would say it's romantic functionalism, where florals, lace, flounces and frills are united and styled together. Designer admits, he was thinking how the 1960's and 1970's looked back at Victoriana. I've included my personal striking favorites, including dress in a floral fil coupe, black fil coupé dress embroidered with delicate flowers, pink A-line top paired with matching relaxed skirt and robe coat with short sleeves. I like the loafers shoes, what look both sensible and retro inspired. All in all, Erdem has ideally mastered the florals with relaxed silhouettes.

Erdem Resort 2016 (1)

We see models who appear in floral outfits. The one is modeling a tailored peplum black tank embellished with florals and styled with high-waisted long white skirt in florals and the other one is wearing white pantsuit embellished with bright garden florals. Love the patch pockets on the jacket.

Erdem Resort 2016 (2)

In love with this tailored coat in ethereal blurred floral print.

Erdem Resort 2016 (3)

Ladies appear in beautiful floral creations what are ideal for wearing at work and cocktail parties. Personally, I like the vintage-inspired look.

Erdem Resort 2016 (4)

We see A-line coat with 1/2 sleeves. I like the X-ray like floral print on it.

Erdem Resort 2016 (5)

I would say it's kind of robe coat with kimono touches.

Erdem Resort 2016 (6)

Smells like retro! In love with this plaid tailored style.

Erdem Resort 2016 (7)

This long sleeveless pencil dress with pleats will ideally suit your Friday's office hours.

Erdem Resort 2016 (8)

Another great designs for your everyday wear. We see a peplum long frock in plaids and matching print shift dress.

Erdem Resort 2016 (9)

Blush A-line top is paired with matching relaxed fit skirt.

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