Retro Looks With Futuristic Vibe In SABINNA Fall 2015

Russian-born London/Vienna-based fashion designer Sabina reveals a gorgeous and unique Autumn 2015 season collection entitled “Dream TWICE.” This time designer was inspired by her twin sisters and their constant wish to be seen as individuals. The research and development process was built on daily observations and talks with the twins. I think it's a very important research, as I've seen twins who have argues regarding their looks and sometimes they have even fights with each other. The Winter 2015-2016 collection by SABINNA shows the way you can differ from the rest of the world, by wearing unique and special garments.

SABINNA Fall 2015 (1)

OMG, that's an amazing white hat embroidered with horses figures.

Anyway, I think we better stick to the lookbook. As you can see SABINNA brings traditional cloth making techniques along with innovative ways of producing silhouettes, including 3D printing. Well, I must admit, the silhouette is the strong side of this collection, as every piece comes with unique shape and look, just look at the knitwear, love it. The fabrics choice includes an unusual mix of wool and organza/silk fabrics, sourced from Austria and Italy. The hats are handmade and hand painted before 3D printed bikes and horses are attached.

SABINNA Fall 2015 (2)

Matchy match is here. Black on black, love it. We see a shortened exaggerated high-neck top paired with flared high-waisted skirt. The outfit is completed thanks to white hat with horses figures and black sheer socks tucked in high-sole black shoes.

SABINNA Fall 2015 (3)

SABINNA Fall 2015 (4)

Bicycle ride! That's a stunning black colored shift-dress embroidered with white colored bicycle figures. The white hat is embroidered with the same white bike figures.

SABINNA Fall 2015 (6)

This one is my favorite! We see a bulky, big V-neck heavy-knit sweater with exaggerated sleeves worn atop pale pink shirt teamed with flared black skirt:

SABINNA Fall 2015 (7)

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