RARESOME “Strap Line” Handmade Bracelets For Winter 2015

This time I want to share with you Korean label's Raresome handmade bracelets collection for winter 2015 season. The line is entitled "Strap Line." You are going to see original accessories that are ideal for wearing with casual and semi-formal outfits. What I do like about these pieces, then it's the quality and individuality that makes them unique and timelessly cool. Korean designer Sungkyu Han offers various braided bracelet styles in different color range, starting from turquoise, pale orange to brown, green and black. Hope you will like this collection the same as me.

Black Jaguar Strap

Leopard Forest Strap

RS Strap Autumn Chic

RS Strap Browne

RS Strap Mud Orange

RS Strap Silver Mint

RARESOME “Strap Line” Handmade Bracelets For Winter 2015

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