Preppy Lady Goes Retro In Bellerose fall 2015 Lookbook

I've already shared with you Bellerose Autumn 2015 menswear collection (here is the link). Now, it's time to show you my favorites clothes from label's women's line. Bellerose women's main collection is focused on warm and comfortable staples. I love the way brand plays with colors and fabric mixes, offering us rock-influenced and contemporary wardrobe. Houndstooth and checks appear in every size with their original urban look and graphic energy.

Bellerose fall 2015 Lookbook (1)

Blonde fashion model appears in a cozy Houndstooth printed coat completed with fur collar. The topper is worn atop rich blue sweater.

You are about to see little cropped jackets with contrasted lining, lightweight padded jackets, menswear inspired coats, as well as generous parkas that imitates snow lynx. Pantsuits can be worn mismatched. The suits create a kind of special vibe that reminds me of a dandy outfit. The dresses are bold and chic. My favorite frocks are long designs made of dévoré velvet (say hello to 1970's fashion), crepe ensembles printed with tachist patterns and short-sleeved, geometric dresses. The pants are skinny and menswear inspired, while skirts are either pleated or flared minis (say hello to 1960's fashion). The knitwear got more luxurious and warmer. We see a new yak yarn used on several styles with hemstitching, trimmed with wide stripes of silky angora and English rib. I am so in love with those furry "teddy bear" sweaters and baby alpaca round neck sweaters.

Bellerose fall 2015 Lookbook (2)

Collarless cozy cardigan is styled with casual top.

Bellerose fall 2015 Lookbook (3)

Another cozy wool sweater is worn atop rich blue pullover.

Bellerose fall 2015 Lookbook (4)

How about wearing plaid print shirt atop mustard tee. A kind of mannish casual style.

Bellerose fall 2015 Lookbook (6)

Long-sleeve cinched at the waist dress features stripes print. You can wear it with tights and classic trainers.

Bellerose fall 2015 Lookbook (7)

Ribbed knit grey sweater with rich blue stripe is paired with pleated tailored pants.

Bellerose fall 2015 Lookbook (8)

A totally cream-white look is completed with cozy plaid print scarf and birkenstocks.

Bellerose fall 2015 Lookbook (9)

Cozy rich blue wool cardigan is worn atop animal print shift dress.

Bellerose fall 2015 Lookbook (10)

How about some mannish touches? We see checkered print dark blue pantsuit styled with white sneakers.

Bellerose fall 2015 Lookbook (11)

A preppy retro outfit is here. Wool sweater is worn with pleated grey knee-length skirt and black tights.

Bellerose fall 2015 Lookbook (12)

If you do like casual urban outfit, then I recommend you to try on red-orange beanie, cozy black jacket, crewneck tucked in black jeans styled with deep brown leather boots.

Bellerose fall 2015 Lookbook (13)

Long-sleeve printed shift-dress looks awesome styled with long navy scarf.

Bellerose fall 2015 Lookbook (14)

Faux-fur jacket looks sporty-chic worn atop sweater teamed with charcoal pleated wool trousers.

Bellerose fall 2015 Lookbook (15)

Hooded animal print coat will ideally compliment rich blue shift dress styled with matching color tights tucked in dark brown leather boots.

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