Pleats, Layers & Powerful Combos In Bird On A Wire Fall 2015 Lookbook

This is one of the brands what makes couture inspired ready to wear essentials. Today I bring to your attention Beirut based women’s wear and accessories label Bird and its Autumn 2015 season collection. Beirut-based designer Rayya Morcos explores people's minds, offering us truly amazing outfits. It's a very powerful Winter 2015-2016 collection, consisting of airy silhouettes, mesmerizing details and pleats. I am so in love with these apron-like pieces.

Bird On A Wire Fall 2015 (1)

All the looks are handmade of natural fibers. Morcos keeps on exploring by creating something new and unique, what is still wearable. The combination of natural fabrics allowed designer to create clothes what move along with your body and your energy. In other words saying...keep on moving forward and developing. Designer managed to design new pieces that put together make an outfit. Love it!

Bird On A Wire Fall 2015 (2)

Bird On A Wire Fall 2015 (3)

I love the layering look, what makes its wearer look very individual and sophisticated.

Bird On A Wire Fall 2015 (4)

Bird On A Wire Fall 2015 (5)

OMG! It's kind of cropped blazer is coupled with a blue dress. Really superior look!

Bird On A Wire Fall 2015 (6)

Can't say why, but the back side of this outfit reminds me of samurai outfit.

Bird On A Wire Fall 2015 (7)

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