Peter Jensen Resort 2016

Peter Jensen’s charming 2016 resort collection was inspired by the late 1990's and the film “Ghost World,” where Thora Birch and Scarlett Johansson appeared as Enid and Rebecca. His pre-season's muse was the movie’s main character Enid, played by Thora Birch. Jensen explained Enid's strong style by the elements of tomboy vibes what can be seen in this character. The transeasonal collection is polished and features simple silhouettes, ice-cream pastel colors (referred to the movie's retro-theme American diner), and retro touches. I like that ice-cream in cone print what appears on sweats and the ghost jacquard what is seen printed on crepe de chine dresses, shirts and skirts. Personally, I see grunge vibes what are naive and charming.

Peter Jensen Resort 2016 (1)

We see a cute ice-cream motif on a lilac crewneck sweater what is paired with matching color cropped pants. Love the way black socks are styled with black flat shoes.

Blush sweatshirt with ice-cream print is styled with pale mint skirt with cargo pockets:

Peter Jensen Resort 2016 (2)

Pastel colored peter-pan collar shirt is tucked in pale yellow pleated, flared skirt:

Peter Jensen Resort 2016 (3)

Drop-waisted jersey dress is fully printed in ghost jacquard:

Peter Jensen Resort 2016 (4)

We see a roomy smock dress done in black-and-gray plaid:

Peter Jensen Resort 2016 (5)

There is kind of grunge vibe in this black-and-white outfit:

Peter Jensen Resort 2016 (6)

Green-and-blue plaid exaggerated shirt is paired with cropped dark navy pants:

Peter Jensen Resort 2016 (7)

roomy smock dress in blue-and-green plaid looks quite retro inspired to me:

Peter Jensen Resort 2016 (8)

It feels like school-girl goes grungy. Love the way this pullover is teamed with green-and-blue plaid skirt:

Peter Jensen Resort 2016 (9)

How about wearing these ghost jacquard matching separates:

Peter Jensen Resort 2016 (10)

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