Perfect Outfits For Women At Any Age In Bo Carter Fall 2015 Collection

An independent fashion brand Bo Carter reveals its Autumn 2015 season collection, what is full of marvelous and contemporary outfits. The outdoor set is somewhere in the country side, while every garment looks modern and ideal for any kind event and I mean it!

Bo Carter Fall 2015 (1)

We see a practical look, what consists of a slouchy collar grey top styled with blue-grey trousers and black leather-like shoes.

There are fabulous jackets which can be paired with evening trousers or your favorite casual jeans, you can find sweet pale-blue colored shifts, furry sweaters, belted sleeveless kimono-inspired tunics, knitted tops with slouchy collars, work appropriate trousers and many other great essentials. In other words saying, if you are a forward thinking, stylish woman and you are looking for a qualitative and unique clothes, what are great for women at any age, then you probably should take a closer look at these stunning essentials. All in all, be unique, bold and most of all be ethical (designer doesn't use real leather, fur or silk)! I was got lucky, as I spoke to designer about her work. Here is my mini-interview:

What is the inspiration behind this collection?

For this collection I got mostly inspired by music, as it happens a lot in my collections. I have been mostly listening to Nina Simone while designing and creating this collection. Her powerful voice and her characteristic are behind my drawings and sewing for Autumn Winter 15/16

What materials were used?

I have used lots of luxuries fabrics in this collection.It was a long journey to find correct textures and colours. Vision was clear: stay ethical while produce high end garment.There is a mixture of High End Irish Wool, High End Irish Linen, Wilde Silk, which is absolutely stunning by the way, there is also great leatherette which is super soft, faux fur and faux suede. All very great ethical fabrics.

Who is Bo's clientèle?

Sophisticated, modern and not to be afraid to stand out from the crowd woman. Person who cares where the clothes been made and how they have been made. I care about ethics so much and I expect my customer to care equally much.

What is the best layer in winter to wear?

That is depend on the individual. I think fashion/trends is such personal thing and as long as you feel comfortable and you are happy with the look than that's the secret.

...and now, let's have a closer look at some of my favorite styles:

Bo Carter Fall 2015 (3)

Long-sleeve blue tunic is worn with black skirt and deep blue tights.

Bo Carter Fall 2015 (4)

Get cozy thanks to this grey charcoal slouchy collar sweater worn with quilted ankle-length regular-fit black skirt.

Bo Carter Fall 2015 (5)

Bo Carter Fall 2015 (6)

Bo Carter Fall 2015 (7)

If you want to update your look by making it more sophisticated, then I recommend you to add a sleeveless, belted cotton black tunic atop slouchy collar charcoal sweater teamed with quilted skirt.

Bo Carter Fall 2015 (8)

Bo Carter Fall 2015 (9)

Pastel turquoise belted wrap vest looks awesome worn with black leather-like T-shirt and matching look quilted skirt.

Bo Carter Fall 2015 (10)

Bo Carter Fall 2015 (11)

A sleeveless belted charcoal robe-coat looks sophisticated.

Bo Carter Fall 2015 (12)

Bo Carter Fall 2015 (13)

Bo Carter Fall 2015 (14)

Keep it bold and glamour! Try on furry sweater paired with charcoal long skirt.

Bo Carter Fall 2015 (15)

I am so in love with this pale sky blue shift-dress.

Bo Carter Fall 2015 (16)

It feels like this charcoal colored jacket comes with no zips and button closures.

Bo Carter Fall 2015 (17)

Bo Carter Fall 2015 (18)

Bo Carter Fall 2015 (19)

If you do like long coats and you want to be in a comfort zone during the Winter 2015-2016 season, then you might like to try this charcoal topper.

Bo Carter Fall 2015 (20)

Photographer: Steve Gabbett
Model: Jemima Robinson
Hair and Mua: Jemima Robinson
Photographer Assistant: Ben Cumming
Styling and Clothes: Bo Carter

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