Oversized Geometric Shaped Outerwear In GOLETS Winter 2015-2016 Collection

The wearable futuristic Must-Haves. I am happy to introduce to you GOLETS Fall 2015 season collection of women's elegant and creative clothing. This time brand was inspired by the works of Suprematism artists who focused on basic geometric forms, such as circles, squares, lines, and rectangles, painted in a limited range of colors. The main emphasis is focused on prints. Most of them were created in collaboration with London's young artist Elena Grazia. Every single piece comes with an individual spirit of elegance. I am so in love with Elena Golets work, it's sensual and unique.

GOLETS fall 2015 (1)

Keep it elegant and ladylike. Try on this yellow jacket with wide lapels styled with cream-white top tucked in knife-pleated vertical multi striped maxi skirt.

She used simple geometrical prints to create oversized coats, waistcoats and jackets with large collars. The main accent was set on outerwear. This Winter 2015-2015 season comes with with rich, saturated colors, oversized silhouettes, large details, military vibes and strict silhouettes. Speaking of colors, then we see contrast combination of white, yellow and grey, including shades of milk, black, burgundy, coffee, olive and brown. Personally, I would recommend you to take a close-up look at designer's geometric print oversized coats with edgy silhouettes. I am so in love with jacket with a large square collar and sweatshirts with the patch elements.

GOLETS fall 2015 (2)

Geometric print hoodie jacket looks ideal paired with black classy sweatpants teamed with glossy cream-beige flat loafers.

GOLETS fall 2015 (4)

Asymmetric closure bulky coat in light brown color with yellow and grey-charcoal inserts looks ideal styled with glossy black loafers.

GOLETS fall 2015 (5)

This big cape-coat in light brown color will ideally suit matching color tailored shorts, long-sleeve cream-white top and glossy black leather loafers.

GOLETS fall 2015 (6)

Keep it glamour and evening appropriate by wearing this sleeveless maxi gown in cream-grey, white and army green colors.

GOLETS fall 2015 (7)

In love with colors? Try on this outfit, consisting of pale cream-blush 3/4 sleeved jacket and yellow dark green asymmetric cut midi skirt.

GOLETS fall 2015 (8)

We all want to be individual. Try on this yellow, black, burgundy sleeveless dress to stand out from the crowd.

GOLETS fall 2015 (9)

A collarless oversized coat in cream, grey, blue, beige and pale burgundy colored geometric prints looks awesome.

GOLETS fall 2015 (10)

Charcoal tailored draped vest looks ideal paired with grey long-sleeve top tucked in pleated maxi skirt fully printed in multi-colored geometric prints.

GOLETS fall 2015 (11)

Keep it big and bulky. Go for khaki camel brown coat. It's an ideal topper for chilly winter days.

GOLETS fall 2015 (12)

There is kind of biker touch in this bulky jacket in multicolored geometric print.

GOLETS fall 2015 (13)

An ideal look for office hours. We see white tailored long vest, red-burgundy long-sleeve top tucked in straight midi skirt in white, yellow and light-grey colors.

GOLETS fall 2015 (14)

High-neck shortened sleeves top in white, yellow and grey colors looks ideal paired with cream-grey sweatpants.

GOLETS fall 2015 (15)

Another stunning collarless coat in cream, beige, pale-yellow, blue and navy colors looks exaggerated, fun and extremely functional.

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