Relaxed And Elegant Ladylike Garments In Osman Pre-Fall 2015

Osman Yousefzada behind Osman brand was inspired by the metaphorical trip to the 17-th century North America and Navajo tribe for his latest pre-Fall 2015 collection. I have collected the best outfits that feature sophisticated silhouettes embellished with hand-drawn patterns of Pocahontas, draping, cape details and raffia fringing. There are special details that make this collection stand out from the other ones and it's the elbow-length capes-like details with cutout shoulders, as well as repeating Pocahontas faces on various layers and abstract arrow motifs. I personally felt in love with that elegant approach what makes these outfits look special and unexpected.

Osman Pre-Fall 2015 (1)

Model appears in a black and white turtleneck sleeveless sweater in the abstract arrow motif. The top is teamed with an asymmetric black skirt and gold, shiny loafers.

Osman Pre-Fall 2015 (2)

Here we see the same black and white, abstract arrow motif that appears on cashmere coat that is worn with quilted, shiny white culottes and black suede loafers.

Osman Pre-Fall 2015 (3)

The same arrow black and white motif looks great on this pullover that is paired with flared, A-line below-the-knee, quilted skirt.

Osman Pre-Fall 2015 (4)

The pale blue relaxed suit jacket with tassel details on cuffs looks great with the same color skirt embellished with tassels at the bottom line.

Osman Pre-Fall 2015 (5)

Another pale blue suit that includes a tailored, sleeveless top styled with wide-leg trousers.

Osman Pre-Fall 2015 (6)

The army green tunic with elbow-length capes-like details and cutout shoulders is worn with black, relaxed skirt.

Osman Pre-Fall 2015 (7)

The wrap and belted coat in military green color is an ideal cover-up for those ladies who want something mannish, yet elegant and sophisticated.

Osman Pre-Fall 2015 (8)

The repeating Pocahontas faces appears on this gorgeous relaxed shirt that is paired with army green skirt and updated with furry black clutch.

Osman Pre-Fall 2015 (9)

That's an awesome combination that includes a cropped blazer, neck-scarf and pants that are embellished with Pocahontas faces and an evening black top.

Osman Pre-Fall 2015 (10)

Here we see the same Pocahontas face that appears on a shiny dark cherry color blazer and mini shorts.

Osman Pre-Fall 2015 (11)

Osman Pre-Fall 2015 (12)

That's a beautiful shortened sleeve straight fit coat in a slight Navajo print.

Osman Pre-Fall 2015 (13)

The simple black shift embroidered with diamond print is updated with a fur stole.

Osman Pre-Fall 2015 (14)

Here we see a raspberry colored dress with an elbow-length cape details and cutout shoulders.

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