Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur Spring-Summer 2015 Collection

The main focus of Oh! By Kopenhagen Fur is to offer its clientèle luxe fur accessories, which are made thanks to new and innovative technologies. Brand's CEO Patrizia Venturelli Christensen reveals new Spring-Summer 2015 collection of beautiful maritime mood inspired accessories made of dark navy colors with white and blue shades. That's a stunning, fur, nautical story with dark blue sea, clear sky and summer warmth. We see asymmetrical stripes, flowers, innovative maritime looks with blue waves and soft sand. The main accessories come with midnight blue and metallic threads. The label brings luxury to the everyday life, offering great pieces made of luxe fabrics, including belts, necklaces, bracelets, t-shirts and cardigans with fur embellishments, wallets, purses, and bags.

Anchor Keyring Denim 500 DKK

The marine theme is seen in this anchor keyring.

Here we see a gorgeous evening appropriate bag, which will suit those women who want to look sophisticated, yet classy:

Aster Evening Bag Mink 5000 DKK

Aya Collar Denim Mink  2200 DKK

Aya Collar Rivet Mink 2200 DKK

Baby Shoulder Bag Mink 2500 DKK

Belle Shoulder Bag Mink 2700 DKK

Belle Shoulder Bag Swakara 4000 DKK

Bina Bag Denim Plate 1400 DKK

Bina Bag Swakara 3000 DKK

Bisa Bag Denim Plate 1700 DKK

Bisa Bag Swakara 3800 DKK

Bonita Rosita Shoulder Bag 4500 DKK

Bonita Shoulder Bag Mink , Fox 3500 DKK

Bonita Shoulder Bag Plate 2700 DKK

Caro Pompom Necklace Mink 1000 DKK

Caroline Pompom Necklace Mink 1700 DKK

Clubs Keyring Swakara 900 DKK

Dagmar Bracelet Mink 850 DKK

Diamonds Keyring Swakara 900 DKK

Dixie Rivet Bracelet Mink 650 DKK

Dora Rivet Bracelet Mink 650 DKK

Ethel Shoulder Bag Plate 4000 DKK

Ethel Shoulder Bag Swakara 7000 DKK

Fiona Fox Collar 6000 DKK

Heart Mink Keyring 500 DKK

That's a sweet heart shaped accessory which is an ideal piece for those ladies who like wearing their keys on a cute keyring:

Hearts Keyring Swakara 900 DKK

Here we see gorgeous brooches in leather and fur details:

Ina Brooch Linnen Leather Big 1200 DKK

Ina Brooch Linnen Leather Small 1100 DKK

Ina Brooch Linnen, SilkMink Big 1200 DKK

Isabel Brooch Denim Mink 650 DKK

Isabel Brooch Leather Mink 650 DKK

Isabel Shoe Clip Leather Mink - 2 stks. 1200 DKK

Iwona Brooch Denim Mink 700 DKK

Iwona Brooch Leather Mink 700 DKK

Karina Pants Swakara 6000 DKK

Keyring Tail Mink 250 DKK

Mega Clutch Mink , Fox 3500 DKK

Mia Mink Collar 5500 DKK

Here we see a cozy collar which is an ideal addition to any look.

Mini Clutch Denim Plate 1700 DKK

Mini Clutch Leather Plate 1700 DKK

Mini Clutch Leather Seal 1700 DKK

Mini Clutch Mink , Fox 2000 DKK

Mini Clutch Mink 1700 DKK

That's a sweet mini clutch embellished with mink.

Mini Clutch Stripes Mink 2000 DKK

This mini clutch with striped mink detail will ideally fit your perfect ensembles.

Pauline Denim Vest Plate 3500 DKK

That's Pauline denim vest which is ideal for wearing with luxe everyday essentials.

Pauline Leather Vest Plate 3500 DKK

If you want to underline your uniqueness, then try on this awesome Pauline leather vest with your favorite evening gown.

Pilar Hair Elastic Mink 600 DKK

Here we see a Pilar hair elastic with a mink detail, which will ideally fit your updos.

Piper Bracelet Mink 650 DKK

That's a sweet and girlish mink bracelet, which is an ideal addition to your overall outfit.

Selina Knit Cardigan Mink 2700 DKK

How about wearing this Selina knit cardigan with mink details during cold summer nights.

Spades Keyring Swakara 900 DKK

The keyring spades swakara looks great and functional.

Tania Scarf Fox 1400 DKK

I can imagine someone wearing a white tailored wrap coat with this Tania fox scarf.

Teddy Small Mink 4000 DKK

The small teddy bear made of mink. That's a luxe toy for someone special.

Tia Scarf Fox 1200 DKK

Tia fox scarf is another sophisticated must-have for those women who like teaming bright with dark color.

Tia Scarf Mink 1200 DKK

Tia mink scarf looks sweet and functional. Try it on with your favorite tailored coat or bomber.

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