Must Have: Fratelli Lisco Studded Sneakers

Today I'd like to share with you one creative, fashion-forward and really powerful Italian brand named Fratelli Lisco, which offers luxury accessories for men and women. The brand's creators worked as consultants in the accessories area for well known Italian and French luxury brands for a while and after some time they decided to establish their own brand offering masculine, men's shoes, as well as handbags and female shoes. Every brand's collection includes comfort, practicality and innovative fabrics. I personally love the way brand experiments with new shapes, leather, as well as combining baroque with futuristic style.

Fratelli Lisco Studded Sneakers (1)

Fratelli Lisco Studded Sneakers (2)

Fratelli Lisco Studded Sneakers (3)

You are about to see women's and men's cool, studded sneakers in patent leather black, red, white and blue. Each model is designed in Italy and made of high quality materials, including the patent leather (as mentioned before) and velvet. I personally love the combination of colors and gold studs that cover these awesome shoes. The price is 439 USD. As the brand says: These shoes have marked the success of the brand: Brothers in Lisco Fair Project of New York. Can't wait for the women's sneakers that will feature heel internal model, but I think even flats can be worn by girls.

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