Must Have Fall Accessories: Scarves

Today we are going to speak about this fall-winter season's must have accessory- scarves. I think you all know how versatile this item is, as it can be used so differently, so that it can underline your uniqueness. I can tell you more: fashion scarves can be used in so many ways no matter if it's winter scarf or summer one. All of them are classy and voguish accessories that underline women's personality. The scarves are the same thing as women's shoes, there aren't too many scarves. One thing is known for sure, scarves are made not just for wearing around your neck and I will try to let you know how you can use those pretty accessories in your daily life.

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You can use scarves as a cute headwrap, this look makes you feel quite retro inspired and if it has a colorful print and bright colors then believe me it will make your day. So feel free to add as much colors as you want. I personally love those paisley prints for the everyday wear.

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You may use your scarve as as a shawl, all you need to do is make scarf look like a shawl. Looks adorable and you can wear it for a cool night, teamed with classic jeans, simple shirt and a great pair of stiletto boots, and if it's chilly outside, then I advise you to wear high collar coat on top. Scarves can be used as simple head bands, a simple headband looks easy to wear and makes you look differently. I personally love girls wearing scarves as headbands. Some women use scarves as belts. There are known many beautiful options how to scarf belts. One of the easiest ones is tie it anywhere you want, looks classy and feminine to me. Some women use scarves as cool accessory which is worn around the neck. Love those women and girls who style scarves with plain shirts or jackets. Scarves can be used as head shawls, I personally find this style very Audrey Hepburn inspired.

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