Modern Tomboy Looks in 6397 Pre-Fall 2015

Stella Ishii behind 6397 brand presents modern Tomboyishness in her latest pre-Fall 2015 season's collection. We see feminine shapes that are reworked in a mannish manner, offering us already familiar tomboyish aesthetic looks. I personally see kind of bad girl outfits that are ideal for hipsters and 1990's grunge era lovers. We see slouchy looks that are made in the brand's new shapes. You are going to love the swingy sweatshirt ponchos, cool boyfriends, straight silk dresses and work denim jumpsuits. Everything looks urban and attractive. All in all it's the same 6397 spirit, but this time its more daring consisting of vintage effects and edgy details.

6397 Pre-Fall 2015 (1)

Here we see model who appears in a denim, exaggerated jacket worn atop v-neck shift in dark navy color. You can make it look even sportier by adding black slip-ons.

6397 Pre-Fall 2015 (2)

That's an impressive, casual workwear inspired denim jumpsuit worn atop turtleneck. Try this cool, worn-effect staple with your favorite sneakers or slip-ons.

6397 Pre-Fall 2015 (3)

The double-breasted dusty black trench coat is worn atop casual white top and cool slim-fit jeans that are paired with silver colored sneakers.

6397 Pre-Fall 2015 (4)

Silk, navy button-down looks down-town cool teamed with cuffed boyfriends. Try this outfit for your casual walks around the town.

6397 Pre-Fall 2015 (5)

Striped tee is worn atop long-sleeve black top and paired with dark gray slim-fit jeans.

6397 Pre-Fall 2015 (7)

Loose-fit black-white striped T-shirt is worn atop straight-drawstring silhouette skirt in lightweight checked wool and teamed with cool sneakers.

6397 Pre-Fall 2015 (8)

RAD printed black T-shirt looks awesome tucked in mannish lightweight checked wool trousers.

6397 Pre-Fall 2015 (9)

Chambray V-neck, exaggerated button-down looks relaxed and casual paired with washed and worn-like skinnies.

6397 Pre-Fall 2015 (10)

The tunic-like chambray ensemble looks great worn atop turtleneck sweater and paired with eye-catching black trainers.

6397 Pre-Fall 2015 (11)

If you want yourself a relaxed, tomboy suit, then I highly recommend to take a closer look at this sporty, light grey outfit styled with a pale grey and relaxed T-shirt.

6397 Pre-Fall 2015 (12)

Another mannish look pantsuit in a black color. Try it on for your laid-back casual days.

6397 Pre-Fall 2015 (14)

The sweatshirt-like fabric poncho in grey color looks awesome worn atop black turtleneck and paired with denim skinnies and light grey suede booties.

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