Modern, Roomy And Lightweight Apparel In Ports 1961 Fall-Winter 2015-2016

Creative director Natasa Cagalj behind Ports 1961 presented new Autumn-Winter 2015-2016 collection of modern woman's working outfits where the focus was set on specific daywear staples updated with an elegant and modern twist. The collection includes graphic silhouettes, sharp cuts, straight lines and masculine feel. By the way, the brand was founded from a simple white shirt (brand's owner Luke Tanabe wanted his wife to wear the best fitted and tailored white man's shirt).

Ports 1961 Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (1)

That's a straitjacket looking outfit. Looks weird and simple.

There is felt a sense of elegant ease with precise cuts and quality fabrics. Here are shown velvet suits, cropped pants, long, feminine bias-cut tops teamed with statement trousers and tailored robes. All in all, I see roomy, elongated and lightweight looks. I find some looks from this collection to be weird. Why? Well, look at these straitjackets and jumpsuits, it feels like the girl is just run away from the psycho house. if you like wearing fun things, then I advice you to try this sleeveless coat that is fully embellished with pom poms.

Ports 1961 Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (2)

Furry looking grey sweater is worn with pleated white trousers and slippers.

Ports 1961 Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (3)

That's a statement leopard looking skirtsuit. This outfit can be worn in the streets with cool black leather jacket.

Ports 1961 Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (4)

If you are a businesswoman, then you probably should take a look at this tailored pantsuit.

Ports 1961 Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (5)

If you are looking for sporty style outfits, then I suggest to try on this look that consists of a tailored black bomber, white tee and knee-length straight skirt.

Ports 1961 Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (6)

That's kind of weird jumpsuit.

Ports 1961 Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (7)

Pom pom tailored sleeveless coat in black color. I love the patch jeans.

Ports 1961 Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (8)

Keep it sophisticated with a tailored black robe and wide-leg black trousers.

Ports 1961 Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (9)

The elongated black coat looks fantastic with an asymmetric white top and pleated black pants.

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