Minki Cheng Spring-Summer 2014 lookbook

London based designer Minki Cheng reveals his latest Spring-Summer 2014 collection's lookbook of women's contemporary clothing which is inspired by 1970's comic books. His collection comes with individuality and impeccable attention to details, so you will find here low-key and minimal signatures that come along with off-duty shapes and sophisticated fabrics and intricate detailing. I personally like that kind of retro-contemporary approach and vision that features every fabric and texture. Love the way how Cheng gives his contemporary creations a subtle vintage edge. Here you will see up-cycled t-shirts and pyjamas sets giving collection kind of luxury loungewear touch. Every piece is made with care and high attention to details. All in all, it's about elegance, modern wear and innovation.

Minki Cheng Spring-Summer 2014 lookbook (1)

Minki Cheng Spring-Summer 2014 lookbook (2)

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