Menswear Inspired Clothes In Alessia Xoccato Fall 2015

Italian fashion brand Alessia_Xoccato reveals its new Autumn 2015 season collection of women's menswear inspired outfits. This year is all about fresh and international aesthetic movement. Label expresses its uniqueness and creativity by experimenting with various forms, colors and materials.

Alessia Xoccato Fall 2015 (1)

The graphic pullover in black and white print looks vibrant. Fashion model wears it with black drop-crotch tailored capri pants.

Alessia Xoccato analyzes the relationship between body and space, defining architectural geometries, shapes and volumes, creating new silhouettes and proportions. Plus, the use of qualitative textures and unique fabrics leads to new structures and contrasting looks. The emotional impact makes every garment look special and very individual. This apparel is made for women who know how to express their sensuality and femininity. Alessia Xoccato clientele pays a great attention to the stylistic and qualitative concept.

Alessia Xoccato Fall 2015 (3)

How about wearing tailored street wear inspired look? We see a relaxed fit collarless pale burgundy jacket paired with pale red shirt tucked in belted wide knee-length shorts.

Alessia Xoccato Fall 2015 (4)

I am so in love with this exaggerated black colored coat. Looks fabulous!

Alessia Xoccato Fall 2015 (5)

Alessia Xoccato Fall 2015 (6)

This A-line black colored waterproof topper is an ideal outerwear for long street walks or for creative parties. Love the way this coat is styled with cropped pants and patent brown loafers.

Alessia Xoccato Fall 2015 (8)

Do you like mannish suits? Try on this fun looking pantsuit with cropped pants.

Alessia Xoccato Fall 2015 (9)

A perfect style for a perfect evening! Love the sleeveless top so much.

Alessia Xoccato Fall 2015 (10)

The shapeless silhouette of this grey colored ensemble makes me wanna buy it! A versatile outfit for Friday's working hours.

Alessia Xoccato Fall 2015 (11)

Another day, another suit! We see a kind of retro inspired grey colored pantsuit.

Alessia Xoccato Fall 2015 (12)

Well, what do we see here? A perfectly tailored sleeveless coat (tailored vest-coat) with navy colored furry side patch pockets.

Alessia Xoccato Fall 2015 (13)

Keep it elegant and modern. Try on this V-neck wrap black dress with 3/4 sleeves.

Alessia Xoccato Fall 2015 (14)

I think this is a winner! This tuxedo outfit is a must-have for creative ladies.

Alessia Xoccato Fall 2015 (15)

Double-breasted black coat in heavy wool and straight-fit looks sophisticated.

Yes, this is my favorite coat from designer's Fall 2015 season collection:

Alessia Xoccato Fall 2015 (16)

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