Mat. Summer 2014 African Inspired Plus Size Clothing

I Dreamed of Africa. Mat. brings an awesome Spring-Summer 2014 season's Africa inspired plus size collection which is full of bright colors and prints. You are about to experience an absolute stylistic freedom, which is brought by Mat. Love these ethnic-chic paradise looks which make every woman stand out from the crowd. As you can see, model appears in gorgeous dresses which are originally colored in Mandinkas inspired neutral and bright color combinations, unrestricted flowing lines of Hutus, dynamic tribal motifs of Maasai people. Each piece looks adventurous and safari inspired. Discover these unique and eye-catching looks by browsing Mat. Spring collection. I am 100 % you will purchase at least one ensemble for your special events. Find out more at

Mat. Spring-Summer 2014 (1)

Here we see model wearing a headwrap, airy gown and statement necklace.

Mat. Spring-Summer 2014 (2)

Another wild gown, which is bright and eye-catching.

Mat. Spring-Summer 2014 (3)

A maxi dress looks perfect thanks to the relaxed shape and vibrant print.

Mat. Spring-Summer 2014 (4)

This look is perfect for parties.

Mat. Spring-Summer 2014 (5)

Feel the freedom in your wild heart.

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