Maki Oh Spring-Summer 2014

Mystical Sportswear can be identified in the latest Maki Oh Spring-Summer 2014 collection's lookbook. The Nigerian designer combines culture, identity, prints and colors which are creative, unique and contemporary. Love that artistic edge which is seen in each of the presented pieces that are worn by models. You are about to see ruffled tops, daywear garments that are combined with elements from sportswear, apron shaped dresses and fringe dresses. I personally see athletic and cook's touches in these uniform inspired clothes. Maki Oh's creations are mash up of African and Western vibes, but the real story of her collection is the identification of woman- "women's confusion about their place in society." I personally asked myself: are women just feminine, or they love power to rule the men. Anyway, let's start our trip into Maki Oh spring collection and see those amazing layered and standout looks. Love those fitted silhouettes, that interpret masculinity and femininity. You are about to see workwear and sportswear elements. I find it amazing, how Oh manages to mix sharp masculine silhouettes with delicate fabrics.

Maki Oh Spring-Summer 2014 (3)

Maki Oh Spring-Summer 2014 (4)

Maki Oh Spring-Summer 2014 (5)

Maki Oh Spring-Summer 2014 (6)

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