Luxe Minimalism And Mannish Touches In The Row Resort 2016

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen behind The Row presented new Resort 2016 collection heavily inspired by chic menswear with a focus on suiting and outerwear. This luxurious minimalistic lookbook features nicely tailored suiting, use of different fabrics, fluid lines, mannish overcoats, little ties attached at the collar (can be wrapped or hung loose).

The Row Resort 2016 (1)

This classic, neutral look can be worn year round. We see a cream white belted topper worn atop white turtleneck embellished with little tie attached at the collar.

The coat takes the center place of my attention. I am so in love with its bathrobe's ease touch. It can be dark grey topper worn over military jacket, pink duster worn over black suit, black belted leather design worn with relaxed dark green trousers, etc. These creations are made for sophisticated woman who is in love with luxurious basics. Personally, I love the touch of femininity what is seen through wrapping coats and jackets with a tie at the waist. True to say, it's a valuable inspiration on how to style your outerwear and suits this winter. It's well-balanced and very much customer-focused collection.

The Row Resort 2016 (2)

The Row Resort 2016 (3)

We see belted black leather coat updated with little tie attached at the collar.

The Row Resort 2016 (4)

There is kind of luxe safari touch in these garments.

The Row Resort 2016 (5)

We see coat layered over suit. Can't say why, but this look reminds me of traditional black long Chinese clothing for men.

The Row Resort 2016 (6)

I’m personally obsessed with this belted sleeveless coat worn with slouchy loose pants.

The Row Resort 2016 (7)

We see a dark blue cover up worn atop emerald green satin suit. I think of pajama outfit once I see this look.

The Row Resort 2016 (8)

This outfit reminds me of catholic church chaplain priest outfit.

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