Luxe And Sophisticated Details In Moisés Nieto Fall 2015

I'd like to highlight Moisés Nieto latest Autumn 2015 season collection. Madrid based designer Moisés Nieto has individual style, what makes him stand-out from the other fashion players. Indeed, every piece what is made by Nieto looks unique and special. His collections are defined by their fusion of craftsmanship and attention to detail with a sense of refined taste.

Moisés Nieto Fall 2015 (1)

Just look at this gorgeous fit-and-flare black V-neck dress. You might say it's simple, but its magnificent! Love the way it's styled with high black socks and tassel black leather loafers.

It's a pity I don't have information regarding his inspiration what helped him to create this astonishing Winter 2015-2016 season collection, but looking through these images, I keep on thinking about retro futurism. Every garment looks modern, but in the meantime we see timeless appeal, making us think of the past good, old times. Nieto uses only high-quality materials, but I don't think we should be doubting about its quality, as everything is seen by the images. Keep attention to designer's clutches and accessories, I am so in love with loafers embellished with tassels.

Moisés Nieto Fall 2015 (3)

This skirt-suit looks a bit weird, but that's exactly what designer wanted to create. It looks unique and I love these high checkered socks worn with blush patent loafers.

Moisés Nieto Fall 2015 (4)

Houndstooth sleeveless dress looks quite retro inspired. Keep attention to this geometric shaped black leather bag.

Moisés Nieto Fall 2015 (5)

This long-sleeve shift looks pretty sweet. A kind of frock what can be worn at cocktail parties, as well as during casual street walks.

Moisés Nieto Fall 2015 (6)

Feeling chilly? Go for this furry black coat. Looks exaggerated, but the length makes it look sultry. Complete the look by adding high black socks and tasseled loafers.

Moisés Nieto Fall 2015 (7)

We see a simple black long-sleeve shirt tucked in fur black midi skirt. Looks terrific, am I right?

Moisés Nieto Fall 2015 (8)

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