Louis Vuitton Women’s New Handbags

LV's is back. Fashion House Louis Vuitton has a present for you, dear fashionistas, as LV's going to show its new models of women's bags soon. The names of these precious accessories are: Monogrammed Metis and Pochette Metis Monogram. These pieces will hit the stores this January. As you can see, these bags come in LV monogram. Love that Pochette Metis Monogram, as it looks like a little suitcase.

Louis Vuitton Women's New Handbags (1)

Louis Vuitton Women's New Handbags (2)

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  1. can you please let me know how much this bag is with the lock at the front.

  2. Please let me know if you ship to Canada and how much the Metis purse is.

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