Lightweight Fashion-Forward Street Style Looks In OSTEL Spring-Summer 2015

I'd like to introduce to you this awesome spring-summer 2015 season's lookbook from Ukrainian brand OSTEL. Label's creative director Olya Stelmakhova named her new collection “Surf your life.” Why is it entitled so? Stelmakhova visualized her dream- to surf on a board conquering the oceans. Surf- is the freedom and victory, meaning if you conquer wave, then you automatically can conquer the life. In some sense she managed clearly bring to life her thoughts. We see fashion-forward street style looks where dresses repeat the forms of the surfboard and ocean waves itself (I personally love the forms and graphics). Each piece has the ideal balance of wearability and creativity. I love the way she manages to offer its clientèle the right dose of future touches that have simple and unique details. Let me share with you my personal best looks from Ostel. Choose your favorites now:

OSTEL Spring-Summer 2015 (2)

There is kind of modern grunge touch in this ensemble. I like the indigo hue and white chalk prints.

OSTEL Spring-Summer 2015 (4)

That's kind of bathrobe inspired dress in navy color and white, burgundy and pale turquoise details:

OSTEL Spring-Summer 2015 (5)

OSTEL Spring-Summer 2015 (7)

How about this awesome exaggerated ensemble that can be worn at special occasions and creative events:

OSTEL Spring-Summer 2015 (8)

OSTEL Spring-Summer 2015 (9)

If you want yourself more slim-fit dress, then I recommend you to try on this glossy silk navy ensemble with a draped neck.

OSTEL Spring-Summer 2015 (11)

You can cover your evening ensemble with a cool mesh coat that will underline your uniqueness and individuality:

OSTEL Spring-Summer 2015 (12)

OSTEL Spring-Summer 2015 (13)

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