Labels to look out for this YEAR

Labels to look out for this YEAR 2019

Buy Similar HereLabels to look out for this YEAR 2019

There have been a number of different clothing lines that have continued to gain momentum this year, and which look like they will continue to grow in popularity throughout the next year. Here’s some of the labels to look out for next year.

Kiss Chacey

Labels to look out for this YEAR 2019

Buy Similar HereLabels to look out for this YEAR 2019

Taking its inspiration from around the world, Kiss Chacey has been making waves in Australia due to its innovative designs, which are perfect for anyone who dares to be different. The Australian-based menswear company have released several major collections in the past year including Paradise Was Overrated, Wild Unknown and King for the Day.

When the company were first formed, it was best known for its range of tees, but it has since gone on to incorporate a larger line of clothing including muscle tees, track pants and denim.

Billionaire Boys Club

Favored by celebrities like Jay Z and Beyoncé, the Billionaire Boys Club range of streetwear clothing has been growing in popularity. Among their lines for this year were a new range of hoodies, pants, and logo tees, all in the brands usual distinctive style.

The clothing label has recently announced a new line of fitted caps as part of its range, and the company releases fresh collections throughout the year, so look out for their new offerings.

Sushi Radio

Labels to look out for this YEAR 2019

Buy Similar HereLabels to look out for this YEAR 2019

Australian streetwear company Sushi Radio has made a name for itself in its native Melbourne with its range of clothing aimed at young adults. This yearit launched the Hype Level and Street Hawk collections, which again featured the distinctive designs the label has become famed for.

The range, which includes men’s tees, track pants and muscle tops, is readily available in Australia and can be ordered online.

The People VS

Situated in Sydney, The People VS is growing in profile and now has a presence in a number of locations around the world, including Japan and New Zealand. The brand is perhaps most recognized for its line of surf clothing, but it also has an extensive range of other fashion items, which incorporates tees, shorts and accessories for both men and women.

The team behind the clothing range take much of their inspiration from vintage designs, but they make their line stand out by adding a contemporary twist. Highlights from their range includes patterned knitwear, tie dye clothing and skinny jeans for women, and board shorts and tees for men.

The Fifth

The Fifth is a relative newcomer to the scene, first releasing its clothing line in 2014, but it is already gaining plenty of attention. Bold strips and patterns, denim and knitwear are all part of the company’s current range.

Aimed at women, it has a number of different collections available at the moment including Day Trip and Sticks and Stones. Despite being a recent arrival to the fashion world, the label has been quick to catch the imagination of clothes lovers, and its range is currently available in numerous countries around the world including Australia, the United States and Japan.

Finders Keepers

Labels to look out for this YEAR 2019

Buy Similar HereLabels to look out for this YEAR 2019

While it was established in 2007, this label has been in the spotlight recently as several high profile celebrities like Jessica Alba and Kourtney Kardashian have been seen wearing their clothes. Based in Australia, the label is known for its striking prints, floral and pin stripe designs; the clothing is available online and from high end retailers like Harrods and Harvey Nichols.

They produce 11 different collections of clothing every year, so there will be plenty of new items to look out for this year. Be sure to check out Neverland Store online, as they carry many of the latest brands in streetwear and urban clothing for men and women.

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