Jaw-Dropping Jewelry Brand To Know: Adina Mills

Are you in love with wearable art? If so, then I am here to introduce to you this marvelous jewelry designer brand called Adina Mills. Mills creations blur the lines between art and fashion. I am so in love with striking juxtaposition that can occur between the urban and organic worlds. Designer carefully combines selected gemstones with unique settings and materials.

Adina Mills Jewelry (1)

Each piece reflects Mills true passion and love for her work, couture eye and unparalleled aesthetic. Looking through these creations I can't stop thinking of “chic meets bohemian” vibe. All pieces are hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind. If you do like wearing unique and individual creations, then believe me, you gonna love each one of the showcased styles. Her curiosity and artistic drive makes her explore new things and creating new designs. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Adina Mills Jewelry (2)

Big and statement rings are here to stay!

Adina Mills Jewelry (3)

Which one of these styles is your favorite?

Adina Mills Jewelry (4)

I am so in love with this big and statement necklace. An ideal choice for wearing to special events.

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